Leep procedure cin 3

CIN 3 waiting LEEP results. 6 posts / 0 new . ... I was so scared again but this time I knew what the procedure would be so it made it a little less daunting. I had ...

Nov 05, 2012 · Cervical dysplasia 3, also known as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia III (CIN III), is considered a pre-cancer. Since the pathology from your LEEP procedure shows a question of abnormal cells at the margin, or cut edge, of the biopsy, there may still be residual abnormal cells present in the cervix. If it’s possible to go from CIN 1 to CIN 3 in 90 days, why aren’t all CIN 1 cases treated with LEEP? CIN 1 is precancer and has the potential to transform into a full-blown malignancy if left untreated.
A sample of cells (biopsy) may be taken for testing. The biopsy results may indicate cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (another term for dysplasia), which is graded as CIN I, II or III. Treatment and follow-up for cervical dysplasia. Often, with mild dysplasia (CIN I), no treatment is needed.

"Posted By Melanie Witt on 01-27-2020, 16:20:22 I would use the Dx of CIN III for the LEEP as this is why he performed it. A Dx of CIN I may not support the medical necessity of a LEEP procedure so payment might be an issue.

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Leep procedure cin 3

Cervical dysplasia is a condition in which precancerous cells in the lining of the cervix (inside of the vagina) change and become precancerous. There are no signs or symptoms of cervical dysplasia so usually is diagnosed with Pap Smear during a woman's yearly health checkup vist. There are Cervical dysplasia is caused by a type of humanpapilloma virus (HPV), which causes an infection ...

Kreimer AR, Guido RS, Solomon D, Schiffman M, Wacholder S, Jeronimo J, et al. Human papillomavirus testing following loop electrosurgical excision procedure identifies women at risk for posttreatment cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 or 3 disease. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2006; 15 (5):908–14. Apr 22, 2009 · My younger sister has stage 1 cervical cancer. She had a LEEP procedure done yesterday to remove 3/4 of her cervix. She got the results today (she is a nurse in her GYN's office and had immediate access to the results). She was very upset and couldn't explain much of it to me...but she said that the margins of the extraction weren't clear (I know what this part means), and that the internal ...
May 31, 2009 · I'm due to have the leep procedure done, for CIN III, on Friday. This is my first experience with it and I'd really like to know what to expect afterwards. I've read too much and got myself all freaked out! I worry about the bleeding and recovery. I've got an 11 month old son who weighs over 25 pounds and from what I've read, I won't be able to lift him for 4 weeks? This alone is torture and I ... Sep 23, 2019 · Hi! I was diagnosed with CIN 3 in 2015 after some horrid back pain, and I had a LEEP to scrape/burn out all those evil cells! I've been clear except for this year which is why I'm having another LEEP.

Oct 25, 2018 · Is it possible to have Cin 3 after a leep procedure? I had one last week and my doc said to come back in 6 months for pap and another coloscopy.

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