Etc2 compression

Texture Compression Helps Small amount of memory – More texture data can fit in the limited amount of memory Little memory bandwidth – More texturing possible for same amount of bandwidth Little chip area for special purpose – A texture cache using compressed data can be made smaller Powered by batteries

enum GPUExtensionName { "texture-compression-bc"}; "texture-compression-bc" Write a spec section for this, and link to it. GPULimits. GPULimits describes various limits in the usage of WebGPU on a device. One limit value may be better than another. For each limit, "better" is defined. Note: Setting "better" limits may not necessarily ... Euro Truck Simulator has its own time cycle which runs considerably faster than real time. Also, the time compression ratio is different depending on whether you
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I believe it's the same story on ETC; GCN parts implement ETC1 in software, and don't support ETC2 at all. What I would expect is that PS4 will use appropriately licensed versions of the D3D texture compression formats, which the hardware already supports.

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Etc2 compression

Texture compression. Texture compression reduces the file size for image files used for texture. A typical compression technique and file format for textures is JPG, however for mobile platforms especially, use the ETC2 compression technique to improve download times, consume less memory, and improve overall performance.

I'm not sure you are understanding me when I say that ETC2/EAC is required. It's not up for debate. ETC2 and EAC are part of the core functionality of OpenGL 4.3, extensions and querying mechanisms have nothing to do with it. I'm using the OpenGL 4.3 driver and a 4.3 core profile context, therefore it must support these texture formats.
上面etc_rgb4、etc2_rgb4压缩占内存大小一样,但对于不带透明通道的贴图etc格式画质较好etc2画质中。可解释我们战斗大背景用的etc压缩格式,图标等选用的etc2。 那么一张512*512带透明通道贴图,它们可怎么估算? 在苹果astc_rgba(6*6)格式下约占多大内存?

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